Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Helicopter service for medaram jatara

Helicopter service for medaram jatara

For the first time the helicopter services has been started for sammakka saralamma jatara in Medaram,jatara will starts from 31 January to 3 February 2018.The rides to Medaram will be operated from Begumpet in Hyderabad and Arts College Grounds in Warangal. The aviation company will use one of the two helipads available near Medaram. The helipad facility at Laknavaram lake is ready to use.
Helicopetr Ride for Medaram Jatara Pilgrims package like this
Ride strats from 09:00 PM to and ends at 06:00 PM
Indwell Aviation Pvt Ltd arranging helicopter facility for Pilgrims visiting Medaram Sammakka Saramma Jatara in co-ordination with Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Endowment and Aviation Corporation.
1 Laknavaram to Medaram temple
2 Warangal to Medaram temple
3 Begumpet to Medaram temple,Hyderabad,Telangana,India

From Laknavaram to Medaram temple laknavaram round trip 5,499/- per head
Warangal to Medaram Temple (round trip) package 4 passengers for 1 Round trip- 92500rps plus service tax.
* Exclusive of Service Tax 14.5%
Begumpet to Medaram temple (round trip) package 4 passengers per 1 round trip -275000 rps plus service tax.
* Exclusive of Service Tax 14.5%
Heli Tourism Joy Ride at laknavaram Cheruvu-3330rps plus service tax.
8 to 10 mins per Head
The helicopter ride offering at the marvel of Kakatiya dynasty Laknavaram lake,beautiful locations shows in the lap of nature, 75 km east of Warangal.These rides enable tourists to get a bird’s eye view of Laknavaram lake and surrounding forests.

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