Friday, January 6, 2017

sammakka sarakka mini jatara dates

sammakka sarakka mini jatara dates

Medaram Sammakka-Sarakka mini-Jatara is scheduled to be held from February 8 to 11.The main and bi-annual jatara will be planning to celebrate next year.Conducting mini-jatara has become a practice in recent years as the devotees have been visiting the village to offer prayers every year. The practice of conducting mini-jatara came into vogue since 1996,About six lakh devotees would visit during the mini-jatara. Dwajasthambhams (flag poles) will be set up in four directions at the village on February 8 and 'Mandamelige Pandaga' would be organised on the same day.

The priests would conduct special prayers on February 9 and the devotees could offer prayers to the tribal goddesses Sammakka and Sarakka on the next day.On February 11, ‘Vana Pravesham’ of the goddesses would take place.

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